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The Arts at Hemlock Farms

There is much to enjoy at your leisure in the community, with many social and educational events, as well as concerts, art exhibits, and theatrical productions.

The Clubhouse hosts various classes and activities for the artists and crafters in Hemlock Farms. There is a dedicated Art Room with open times for collaboration and creation of beautiful works.

Fitness Center
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The Fitness Center houses the latest aerobic and weight equipment and offers members and guests of all fitness levels the opportunity to work out at a pace that's right for them. The staff offers instructional sessions on the correct usage of the equipment daily.

We offer one-on-one fitness instruction with a Certified Personal Trainer. A free consultation is available prior to registration for the program. Available options include a one-time session or a punch card for six sessions. More information and registration is available at the Dorisann Mooring Administration Building.

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Swimming Pools

Hemlock’s three pools offer a wide choice for residents, their families, and guests to enjoy the benefits of water activities and lessons. The outdoor pools are open as weather permits, and the indoor pool is accessible all year long.

Steer Barn Clubhouse Outdoor Pool

The Steer Barn outdoor pool is located directly outside of the indoor pool complex. This large heated swimming pool offers ample lounge chair seating around the pool, and also on the deck overlooking the facility.

Hemlock Farms Youth Center
Youth Center
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Young people in Hemlock Farms have a special place to ‘hang out'. Grades 5-12 are welcome, and counselors lead and supervise activities geared for each age group.

Exercise, Yoga and Dance
Tai Chi

Many classes are available in the Steer Barn auditorium.

Yoga, Yo-Lates, kickboxing, walking class, step aerobics, T’ai Chi, Strong Seniors, and ballroom dancing are just a few of the ways residents and guests keep active all year long.

30-30-30 Class
Game Room
Dart Board

The Steer Barn houses a spacious game room for the enjoyment of all residents and their guests. Billiards, ping pong, darts, & a big-screen TV are here for playing or just hanging out.

Steer Barn Game Room
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