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A Nonprofit Organization, Conserving, Protecting, and Sustaining the natural
resources of Hemlock Farms and Pike County since 2009.
MISSION: As stewards of the close relationship between people and the
environment, Hemlock Farms Conservancy seeks to conserve, protect, and sustain
our forested natural resources. We accomplish this through education, funding, and
support of projects in Hemlock Farms and the greater Pike County area.

Some of the ways we help Hemlock Farms and Pike County:

• Giving grants toward programs and services like Chipper Days, Electronic Recycling, and Hazardous Tree Removal which save  members money in their annual dues bill.
• Care and maintenance of the Hemlock Trail, a natural surface trail located within our gates, as well as regularly leading educational walks at the trail throughout the year.
• Partnering with local organizations and participating in scientific studies to bring current information on important environmental issues to our community. Some examples of those topics are: black bear and other wildlife, invasive species, tick borne diseases, and the restoration of the American Chestnut Tree to our forest.
• Awarding scholarships to local students who seek to study and work in
conservation and environmental fields.

To learn more about who we are, what we do, and how you can volunteer and be involved in our good work, please visit our website or email us at the links below. And last, but not least—if the natural beauty of our forest, water, and wildlife are important to you, please donate below:

Contact Hemlock Farms Conservancy

Donating to Hemlock Farms Conservancy is the perfect way to ensure Hemlock Farms and the greater Pike County area stay clean and green for your family's future. We welcome any donations, large or small.

We are listed in the GreatNonProfits. You may donate using the form below or by mailing a check to the conservancy at 3737 Hemlock Farms, Lords Valley, PA 18426.

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