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We want to share an effective and free service with HFCA members that we have found will serve you in case of emergencies as September is National Preparedness Month. CodeRED is a national service reaching millions in minutes, quickly sharing notices regarding inclement weather advisories, missing persons alerts, evacuation notices, and more. Effective mass notification systems like these protect individuals and gives residents confidence they will be notified.

CodeRED is offered locally by the Pike County Emergency Management Agency. Once you sign up, you will get notifications regarding approaching inclement weather, road closures, and other emergencies you should be aware of through an automated system.

CodeRED might be used for:

·Fires and floods,

·Missing person alerts,

·Wide-spread electrical outages,

·Road closures in and out of Hemlock Farms,

·Highway closures like I84.

CodeRED offers piece of mind with minimal effort to participate. Simply fill out the form and you are on your way to receiving emergency notifications that could help protect you and your loved ones. Hemlock Farms can also use this service to send you notifications in addition to local, regional, and national alerts. You can be notified by text or email, or both. It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up. Sign up at

Public Safety can answer any questions you might have or help you signup, call (570)775-4283 or email

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