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Important Note to PayLease Users

Members and residents who use the website's PayLease dues/water payment feature, please note:  The PayLease software program does not reflect the amount due on your water bill and/or dues statement.  The Amount Owed on the payment screen always shows a $0.00 balance whether you have a balance due or not. Please see the image below for an example of what you will see on the PayLease page. This does not mean your account is at a zero balance and that no monies are due. 


This payment feature on the website does not reflect the actual amount due on your account because our website does not have a real-time connection to our billing software.  You will need to enter the amount due from your paper bill that you received from the Hemlock Farms Community Association when making a payment.

When paying online, please have your water bill/dues statement on hand, and manually type in the amount of your bill on the payment screen.


If you have questions regarding your current balance, please call the Administration Office at 570/775-4200 before making payment.

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